Valvoline Professional Series Services

Auto Repair — Towing in Clinton Township, MI
Our mechanics are qualified to perform Professional Valvoline Services.
We have the knowledge and equipment to perform your vehicle's maintenance needs.

Automatic Transmission Service:

Clean and Protect Your Entire Transmission

What it does for your car:

  • Removes the old, contaminated transmission fluids and replaces it with new, top-of-the-line fluid
  • Enhances the life of your transmission
  • Provides smoother shifting
  • Increases protection against wear and high-temperature breakdown

What we do:

  • Install transmission flush to thoroughly clean deposits from the entire transmission including cooler, valve body and torque converter
  • Flush and remove virtually all of the old fluid from the system
  • Pump all-new, premium Valvoline ATF into the transmission
  • Add Valvoline Professional Series Transmission Protector, Conditioner, and Sealer to the transmission system
This service will help enhance the life of your transmission and could save you from costly transmission repairs.


Brake System Service:

Stay safe. Keep your brake system performing properly

What it does for your car:

  • Removes contaminants and moisture from your brake system that can cause brake failure
  • What we do:

    • Attach brake fluid service system to all four wheels of your vehicle
    • Remove existing brake fluid from the master cylinder
    • Perform a complete flush and change of brake fluid from the entire brake system
    • Remove old contaminated brake fluid at each wheel through the brake bleeder until new Valvoline Professional Series
    • High-Performance Brake Fluid has completely filled the system
    This service removes old, contaminated brake fluid from your brake system to help keep your brakes functioning properly and avoid costly repairs. This service is recommended every two years.


    Power Steering System Service:

    Clean and Protect Your Entire Power Steering System

    What it does for your car:

    • Removes sludge and contaminants from the system including rack and pinion, pump and lines
    • Helps protect against pump breakdown
    • Helps to prevent leaks and noises
    • Helps to prevent corrosion, wear, clogging, foaming and oxidation
    • Optimizes cold weather performance

    What we do:

    • Drain the old fluid from the reservoir using power steering flush equipment
    • Flush the entire system using Valvoline SynPower Power Steering Flush
    • Add new Valvoline SynPower Power Steering Fluid
    This service maintains the performance and enhances the life of your power steering system


    Cooling System Service:

    Clean and Protect Your Cooling System

    What it does for your car:

    • Removes rust, scale and oily residue from your entire cooling system
    • Helps prevent engine boil-over in the summer
    • Helps prevent engine freeze-up in the winter
    • Protects against rust and corrosion, enhancing the life of your cooling system

    What we do:

    • Add and circulate Radiator Super Flush through the entire cooling system
    • Attach cooling system service equipment to your vehicle
    • Remove old antifreeze and any contaminants
    • Refill the system with new antifreeze coolant
    • Fortify the new antifreeze/coolant with Water Pump Lubricant and Protector

    This service helps prevent cooling system failure, which is the #1 cause of on-road engine-related breakdowns.


    SynPower Fuel System Service:

    Clean and Protect Your Entire Fuel System

    What it does for your car:

    • Increases power and performance
    • Reduces knocking, hesitation and rough idle
    • Increases fuel economy
    • Decreased harmful emissions

    What we do:

    • Attach cleaning tools to the fuel system
    • Clean deposits from fuel injectors
    • Remove deposit build-up from intake valves
    • Clean combustion chamber deposits
    • Remove deposits from entire air intake system
    This service is recommended every 36,000 miles.
    All flushes are available with or without kits. Please call for pricing and more information.